Faeroe Island Killings Start Again

The conservation ship Steve Irwin, guarded the whales for two months there was not a single whale killing in the Faeroe Islands. Pilot Whale Slaughter Faeroe Islands

Unfortunately the sea shepherds had to leave the Faeroe Islands to prepare and get their ship ready for the Antarctic to protect our endangered whales from the waiting Japanese whale killers.

Late evening 22nd November 2011 a superior pod of 1000 pilot whales was spotted by the cheating mammal aggressive Faeroe Islands helicopter pilot, after being given instructions, from the waiting Faeroe's whale killers, who were waiting for the pod which was 1000. Fathers and their kids were waiting for the divided section of 90 whales to be driven into Sandageroi, near Torshavn, Faeroe Islands.

The fathers and their kids, were just waiting for the helpless pilot whales to be driven onto the beach by the cruel minded fishermen in their boats, then when the pilot whales were pushed onto the beach by the fishing boats, fathers and their kids immediately raced to the whales to break the backs of the poor pilot whales and then stab them and rip them apart. The females are then selected and the babies cut out from their mum's stomachs, all this just for fun and they call it the GRIND. IT IS HORRIFICNESS BEYOND BELIEF.

The remaining 900 pilot whales were fortunate and got away helped by driving winds and bad weather.

The Faeroe's are part of the Danish kingdom. Denmark receives subsidizes from Europe. It is illegal in Europe to kill or consume whale meat. Europe should pressurise Denmark, to stop the cruel whale killings immediately.

It is understood, that Denmark subsidizes's the Faeroe Islands. Write to your MP or Euro MP, tell him or her you want this stopped now.

Many thanks to Peter Hammarstedt for the above picture.

From The Faeroe Islands

Subsidies from Denmark, to a part of the Danish Kingdom, who are whale killers, which is illegal in Europe. Who are they? they are the people of the Faeroe Islands, part of the Danish Kingdom. Denmark is part of Europe and Brussels should seriously investigate the subsidies from Denmark, to the Faeroe Islands. All the countries in Europe, should not and cannot tolerate subsidizing the killing of whales in the Faeroe Islands, something here is very wrong.

Just a few days ago the people of the Faeroe Islands drove into a fjord at Vestmanna in the Faeroe Islands, a whole pod of approximately 100 innocent pilot whales. The pilot whales were cruelly butchered whilst being fully alive. There were the males, the females and there very young, the Faeroe Islanders didn't care, they just massacred the whole lot one after the other, each pilot whale watching the other being slowly killed and choking in a sea of blood.

The Faeroe Islanders are cowards, living off subsidies and seriously interfering with nature and our Eco-system.

A conservation group, lead by Paul Watson with his Shepherd crew and two ships, successfully prevented the killings of the pilot whales for over 2 months. Sadly a week after the conservation group left, the Faeroe Island cowards again started their cruel killing of innocent pilot whales.

Take away the Faeroe Island subsidies and it might just stop the whale killings.

500 Pilot Whales Head Towards Fatality At The Faeroe Islands

Along with dolphinsPilot Whales and Fin whales, unfortunately the Pilot Whales are heading towards the sickening danger zone of the Faeroe Islands, where cruel men and 14 year olds are waiting to knife them to death. Yes, every single one and yes just for fun!

But now there is hope, Paul Watson and his Shepherd crew who are conservationists are going along with the Pilot whales to help protect them and intervene with acoustic devices. The conservationists hope to persuade and divert the pilot whales from the horrific whale slaughtering shores of the Faeroe Islands, which is just 1000 miles from Scotland.

The conservationists have two patrol ships to help save the whales and on the ships is over 40 courageous volunteers.