"Orangutans Are Human Like"

Orangutan Translates As "Man Of The Forest"

and this is not surprising, when you think how closely related we are. The only primate closer to us, is the African Ape.

The Orangutans are large Apes, that live in South East Asia (on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra). They have senses very similar to ours, including hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch and they live for approximately 30 to 45 years and have a high level of intellegence.

An adult female orangutan, weighs approximately 30 to 50 kilo's and an adult male orangutan weighs approximately 50 to 90 kilo's. 

The orangutan is the largest animal to dwell in trees. The natural home of the orangutan, is the leafy area's of the sout east Asian Rainforests, in Sumarta and Borneo.

Orangutan Mum & Baby

His Family World Disappearing 

The growth of the logging industry in these area's has placed the orangutan's habitat in grave danger. The low land forest habitats of this red "man of the forest", are fast disappearing under the chain saw and are being burned to the ground. "The man of the forest" is suffering terribly, as "the man of the forest" (orangutan), is being deliberately burnt to death, which is murder, because "the man of the forest" is so human like. All this suffering is being brought about because of the greedy selfish human kind, because humans want to pulverise Rainforests for agriculture and palm oil plantations, this of course is seriously adding to global warming and flooding all around the world.

Soon the poor orangutans which are so close to humans, may be facing extinction.

Orangutan Killed

Special notes

Orangutans, are endangered species and are decreasing in numbers at alarming rates, probably only 49000 are left in the world. Further serious problems are, baby orangutans are being caught and sold as pets, this must be heart breaking for the orangutan mum. The orangutans have been on our earth for approximately 70 million years and they should be respected.

Death of Orangutan, for Palm Oil