General Gel Saddle

General - Shorter & Wider

 Sports Gel Saddle

Sport - Longer & Slimmer



With 4 Powerful LED's, Extra Highshine Reflectors & Glow in the Dark Photo Luminescent Highviz, Light Absorbing Reflector.

Custom Made, Waterproof Cover, Extra Light Clip, Convenient Mesh Pocket, Fully Adjustable Straps. Limited number see Ebay 

GreenEcoPeace, helping to save Nature, endangered Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Seals, Orangutans, Rainforests & the Environment.



Road & Safety Kit. For Arms & Ankles. Ideal for joggers, school children, boating crew, horse riders, senior citizens & dangerous country lane walking day or night, BE SEEN. What you will get 2 Flashing Reflector LED bands with 4 powerful LED's on each band. 2 Glow in the Dark amazing adhesive Photo Luminescent Reflector Light strips. 2 High Shine Adhesive Reflector strips. 2 by 3v batteries included. No CR2032. Was £13.95 NOW £9.95 including postage.


Road & Safety Kit has 2 extra Velcro Adhesive Safety Connect Strips. Reflector strips & batteries as Z1000. The Z2000 has different LED specification. Not suitable for application to arms & ankles, but excellent for applying to bikes, helmets, clothing, dog collars & leads, rucksacks, prams, vehicle breakdowns. Was £15.95 NOW £11.95 including postage 




For a more comfortable ride try our Soft Gel Saddle Covers. Special Introductory Price £11.99 Normally £16.95 Including Postage.

Saddle Cover Option

Packaging, Plain & Simple. All profits to


Mother & Baby Whale T Shirt
Mother & Baby Whale Circle T Shirt

Featuring on the front a circle style design with a hand style drawing of a mother & baby whale & on top of the sleeve a motif.

T Shirts printed in Black or White.

T Shirts come in either Long or Short Sleeves.





Detailed Design T Shirt
Detailed Design T Shirt

Featuring on the front pictures of whales, dolphins, seals, boats & a helicopter.

On the back of the T Shirt, world wide whaling monitor.

T Shirts printed in Black or White with amazing silver speckle highlight effects.

T Shirts come in Long or Short Sleeves.