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Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere










% Change

Balaenoptera musculus







- 94%

Balaena mysticetus



Not Present




Balaenoptera physalus








Eschrictius robustus



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Megaptera novaeangliae








Eubalaena glacialis
Eubalaena autralis








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*Includes estimations of extinct populations of Atlantic and western Pacific Sources: Walker's Mammals of the World, by Ronald M. Nowak, Sixth Edition, Vol. II, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999, which assesses various sources & research by the Animal Welfare Institute.


Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby Whale

Mother and her Baby Whale ruthlessly chopped up into pieces and crammed into a fancy can, to be eaten. The sickening truth of the Japanese, illegal commercial whaling trade, hiding under the deceitful, disgraceful banner of Scientific Research. There has never been any proper research results published.

Canned Whale Meat

Tinned Whale Meat

Mother and her Baby Whale being dragged up the back of the Nisshin Maru the Japanese Whale Factory Slaughter House Ship. 3 Hours later they were chopped up into pieces and packed into kilo packs for distribution in Japan to schools, hospitals, restuarants and to the general public.

Japanese Admit To Whale Killing

In an interview with the Australian newspaper and ABC broadcasting corporation, the Japanese foreign minister Mr Katsuya Okada, said, "we have a tradition here of eating whale meat in Japan", he also went on to say, "I think the average Japanese would like to continue consuming whale meat into the future".

Mr Okada did not mention scientific Research, he avoided the words, but he made it very clear that they were going out to kill whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary for consumption and profit. Mr Katsuya Okada denied that Fin and Humpback whales were endangered.

This now confirms that the Japanese know that they are breaking all the rules of the Antarctic Treaty and in contempt of the Federal Court for Killing Whales in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

The Japs intend to masacre 935 Minki whales, 50 Fin whales and 50 Endangered Humpback whales, but the Japanese could be deceiving everyone, by taking far more innocent whales in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary. read more ....

If going by what the Japs did in 1998 when there was an agreed quota for Blue Fin Tuna and which Japan decided to do an experimental research program, a program which they took a further 1,400 tons of Blue Fin Tuna as they were not satisfied with the quota, (this looks awfully like the bogus scientific whale research).

In 2006 it was revealed that the deceitful Japs had taken over twice the amount of Blue Fin Tuna and they had been doing this for 20 years previous to 2006. The value of these deceiptful Japanese hauls of Blue Fin Tuna netted approximately $8 million dollars, dirty money. But do you think the Japs care about endangered species, No.

Japs take a staggering 80% of the worlds endangered Blue Fin Tuna.

It is now time to start monitoring all fishing boats and with new technology, monitor all illegal fishing boats and where they land their catch. Just before we close, the Japs slaughter approximately 30,000 innocent dolphins in their own waters, could the true amount be closer to 50 or 60,000 slaughtered.

The Japs have tortured so many sea animals, they should be prosecuted. Why do mammal loving nations close a blind eye?

The Name of the new Japanses Prime Minister is Mr Naoto Kan. 

Thursday 19th November 2009

Deadly Japanese whale killers head for Antarctica. 8 Whale death ships have just left Japan with the sole intention of killing 925 protected Antarctic Minke whales and 50 endangered Fin Whales. The Yakuza (mafia) controlled Japanese killer whale fleet will endever with all its force to fire explosive devises into approximately 1050 whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales. The cruel explosive devises enter the whales body and will blow part of the whales body inside, outside, they will be screaming in unbearable pain, the whales will then be dragged screaming along side the catcher ships, hung upside down still alive and then they will be pumped full of air. After this passing of all imagination, experience and suffering, the whales will then be transfered to the butcher factory ship where they will be chopped up into pieces often still screaming and still alive.

These whales feel pain just like you and me and they are the largest and most intelligent and most socially complex sentient beings in our oceans today. Often when the whales are being barbarically slaughtered, the Jap whale killers just laugh and spit in the face of the helpless whales, the whales just looking into the eyes of the cruel Japnese whale killers, helpless and knowing that in seconds they will be DEAD!

The Japs travel over 6000 miles to the remote icy waters to mercilessly butcher these inocent family orientated whales. They go inside the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (a sanctuary for whales), in full violation of the Global Moratorium on commercial whaling. They also abuse the Antarctic Treaty.

The Japanese Deceive & Lie and say that they are slaughtering and butchering our wonderful whales for 'Scientific Research', What Research? there has never been been any real evidence or proper published research. The poor whale is helplessly dragged out of the sea and chopped up into tiny pieces in hours and ready for selling commercially to schools, shops, hospitals and sushi bars as soon as the ship arrives back in Japan.

Nation after Nation challenge Japan including the UK over its cruel slaughter of whales, a slaughter house would be shut down immediately if it performed such cruelty that the whale had to go through and yet the Japs laughingly, still carry out this meciless cruel barbaric slaughter on our helpless hunan friendly whales.

Around the world nation after nation say that there is no need to kill one single whale for research with todays technology and the IWC (International Whaling Commission) in 2007 passed a resolution calling for an end to Japans whaling in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

Please donate to us, as we are at the fore front of making every effort to stop this cruel whale killing and we are working hard to encourage and promote whale watching, as humane profitable and educational and kind, working interactively with our wonderful mammal, family loving whales.

Whales travel miles as far as Australia to mate, then they come to the Antarctic to feed normally on tiny krill. Thats when the Japs are waiting for them, to kill them, often with babies inside of them and the very young swimming along side with their mums!

The Japs will kill pregnant mums and the young, they don't care as long as they get their quota of around 1025 endangered whales. Please will you Donate to us we are non profit and we need your help and support which enables us to keep going and put pressure on governments who in return put pressure on Japan. We also give our support to conservation groups such as Paul Watson and the Shepherd crew who have ships out in the Antarctic trying to block the harpoons killing the whales. 450 whales were saved last year including after a petition 50 Humpbacks.

Japan bribes over 28 poor nations by giving them huge amounts of aid, in return for these poorer nations coming to the IWC conventions and voting for Japan to continue killing whales. This is a vile way of doing business but of course Japan knows exactly how to do this!

20 April 2009. Japanese vessels of death return to Shimonoseki, Japan. The Japanese killer vessels have just returned to port with the slaughter house ship the Nisshin Maru coming in behind with 700 of our innocent great whales, butchered and on board chopped up into pieces and agonisingly killed, many taking hours to die, with their insides floating outside of their bodies whilst still alive. Our beautiful god created whales now destroyed by the Japanese implanting into the whales, grenades, on carrier weapons called a harpoon, illegal in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Japanese deceipt and lies match the evilness of the Japanese whalers, as they tell the world that they are only destroying our precious whales by the hundreds, for the sake of 'Scientific Research'. The world knows the evil lies of the Japanese and the International Whaling Commission should be ashamed of themselves, knowing the lies and untruths and the spin the Japanese are telling the world. We are now remembering the atrocitiesthe Japanese carried out on British, Australian, New Zealand and American troops in world war II! Japan did not get its full quota of whales as the Japanese were blocked by conservationists. 305 whales were saved from the agonising death of their insides being ripped out. Kazuo Yamamura president of the Japanese mafia style influenced Kyodo Sempaku Kaisha, which operates the whaling fleet supported by the Japanese government, told reporters that 'he was upset and enraged and his blood was boiling'. It was obvious that he was not happy that he did not get his full quota of whales, tough Mr Japanese man sending others to do your dirty work for you, but on the other hand the others must be dirty as well in order to do this dirty type of work! 

15 March 2009. IWC meeting in Rome. Is William Hogarth, U.S.A sucking Jap Lollipops? The United States do not negotiate with terrorists and the USA should be on their guard when negotiating with nations such as Japan, who kill endangered and threatened great whales and in an established whale sanctuary, the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, under the deceiptful pretence of Scientific Research. It is well known that the Japanese whaling industry is surrounded by criminal activity! This week in Rome there will be a meeting of member nations of the International Whaling Commission, who will be discussing a proposal by William Hogarth of the USA, who incidentally is the Chair of the International Whaling Commission. He will propose that Japan should be allowed to slaughter illegally and agonisingly butcher our endangered great whales in the North Pacific and believe it or not, the USA are making and requesting, that a deal should be done, allowing Japan to slaughter our great whales in the North Pacific in exchange for allowing Japan to slaughter whales in less quantity, in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. This is the shocking truth. William Hogarth from the USA and Chair of the International Whaling Commission, Sucking Japanese Lollipops and why? 

We appeal to member nations of the International Whaling Commission, to vote against this appauling proposal. Nobody has the right to vote on the killing of our god given great whales. These great whales do not belong to man and no one has the right to kill them by exploding out their insides, leaving them to die slowly in great pain, surrounded by their own blood. USA and member nations of the International Whaling Commission, do not suck the sweet tasting lollipops from Japan, they may be just hiding an undectectable poison to late to detect after being LICKED.

We appeal to Presiden Barack Obama to seriously consider the position of william Hogarth as the United States Commissioner to the International Whaling Commission. Hogarth is not the right man, if he can't stand up to the Japanese and he is not the right man, if he can't protect all whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. He is betraying our great mammal friends of the oceans, our prehistoric irreplacable great whales and all conservationists who are continually fighting to keep our whales alive. Norway, Iceland and Denmarks Kingdom, Greenland, Faroe Isles should have all their whaling operations closed down. If the IWC legalises Japan and other nations to legally butcher our wonderful great whales, the IWC is not fit for purpose. 


The above is the Nisshin Maru, the Fake Japanese Scientific Research, intelligence investigated, commercial Whale Killing Ship, determined to slaughter over 875 Minke whales and over 50 Fin whales. 21st February 2009, the Steve Irwin conservation ship has been out in the Antarctic Southern Ocean helping to save our whales since December 2008. Last week due to the acridity of the Japanese whalers and from our intelligence reports that the Japanese have despatched a Japanese government security vessel called the Taiyo Maru 38, which we understand has on board a specialised team who will try to seize the conservation ship the Steve Irwin and all the video evidence, the Steve Irwin captained by world famous Paul Watson, has decided in order to protect the ship, video's and crew, that it would be better to leave immediately and get back to Australia as soon as possible. The Steve Irwin has just arrived at Hobart, Australia, only to be raided by the Australian Police on instruction of the Rudd/Garrett government. The crew on board the Farley Mowet, seal conservation ship, last year, were attacked by Canadian special forces, the crew were held at gun point, their radio's smashed and the ship was towed back under force to Nova Scotia where it is still tied up in harbour under security. The conservationists on the Steve Irwin in the Southern Antarctic Ocean, were being violently attacked by the Japanese who were using millitary type acoustic weapons, which caused sickness and possible severe deafness and the Japs were jamming their sea radio's. Stun grenades were also being deployed and the Japs were discharging brass and lead balls at the conservationist's smaller boats. The Japs are now eco-terrorists. They are attacking humans and discharging rocket grenades into whales in a protected sanctuary. Now there is no one to protect the great whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Australians won't and the New Zealanders won't and most other nations just simply protest, they want whaling stopped but they are worried about upsetting the Japanese. We all have to protest about the disgusting behaviour of the Japs to conservationists at sea and killing whales in a whale sanctuary. GreenEcoPeace has seriously emailed other countries, DEFRA and the International whaling Commission (IWC) pointing out their concern. The whale meat will be sold illegally to shops, schools, hospitals and other commerical sources in Japan. The Japanese refuse to answer mail or negoiate with GreenEcoPeace and are breaking Antarctic regulations in full view of the world. They are also illegally polluting the Antarctic by dicharging whales blood into the sea and are illegally refuelling in the Antarctic Southern Ocean.

23/11/08 From IWC, No Commercial Whaling Japan, In The Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales

Paragraph 7 (b) of the schedule, establishes a sanctuary for whales in the Southern Antarctic Ocean.

Recalling that the commission has repeatedly requested contracting parties to refrain from issuing special permits for research involving the killing of whales within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary, has expressed deep concern at continuing lethal research within the Southern Ocean Sanctuary and has also recommended that scientific research involving the killing of cetaceans should only be permitted where critically important research needs are addressed.

The IWC is:

                 CONVINCED that the aims of JARPA II do not address critically important research needs.

The IWC:

                FURTHER CALLS UPON the Government of Japan to suspend indefinately the lethal aspects of JARPA II   conducted within the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.


Further noting, that the government of Japan has authorised a new special permit programme in the Antarctic, JARPA II, in which the take of Minke whales has more than doubled and Fin whales added to the list of targeted species.

Concerns that the Fin whales in the Southern Hemisphere are currently classified as endangered and that Humpback whales in the JARPA II research area may include individuals from breeding populations over wintering in the waters of certain Pacific Islands.


Calls upon the government of Japan, to address the 31 recommendations listed in Appendix 40 annex 0, of the scientific committee report, relating to the December 2006 review of the JARPA I programme, to the satisfaction of the scientific committee.

The IWC established the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in 1994

17/11/08 Japanese Whaling Fleet Leave Innoshima Japan For The Kill.

Ignorant of all the plea's from around the world not to kill whales, the Japanese whaling fleet has ignored all plea's and has left Innoshima to kill approximately 935 Minke whales and approximately 50 endangered Fin whales.

The Japanese whaling fleet tried to sneak out of the port of Innoshima but they couldn't escape the eagle eyes of the whale loving conservationists.

The Japanese whalers hiding under the deceitful name of Scientific Research is heading for the Antarctic Southern Ocean Sanctuary for Whales, arriving approximately mid December 2008. 

Japanese ships leave Japan for the Antarctic Southern Ocean, the sole purpose to Execute Whales.


On the 18th November 2007, the Japanese whaling fleet including the Nisshin Marur with a crew of 239 and four other whaling ships, left the southern port of Shimonoseki Japan. They left for the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary with only one thing in mind, to slaughter 935 Minke whales, 50 endangered Fin whales and 50 endangered Humpback whales, many will be seriously injured and die a lingering death. The Japs will hang up and chop up and furnace these people loving whales, a very sad thought. These whales have been given sanctuary status in the Southern Antarctic Ocean. Sanctuary status means protection for whales and does not mean that a new name can be drummed up called Scientific Research which allows the Japanese to slaughter whales in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Sanctuary means Sanctuary and for whatever reason it means no slaughtering of whales.

Although the International Whaling Commission and Cities are against whaling commercially and ordered no more commercial whaling, it appears that they do not have the capacity to enforce it (no patrol ships). A radio 2 listener on the Jeremy Vine show 19th November 2007 clearly said, "send warships out, to protect the whales against the Japanese, with orders to open fire".

Let's hope that Greenpeace with their type of action and Sea Shepherd with their style of action, between them can do something about it. We can do lots as well, we can campaign heavily against whaling. You can contact all your friends and get them to email the Japs, you will find the email addresses etc, at the bottom of this page. If you have time please also email other whaling nations. Tell the Japs what you think about them and tell the others too about your feelings.

Speaking on the Jeremy Vine radio show today 19th November 2007, Dr David Taylor vet and specialist in whales said, "It's so disgusting killing our mammal whale friends, we should all boycott Japanese products", he also said, "whale meat is not a food by product, it's the main reason why the Japanese go out to slaughter whales". Dr David Taylor also went on to say "it's scandalous, what scientific research? where ae the results? where is the scientific benefits? there are certainly no results in the scientific journals or anything like it!

In the Second World War, the Japanese were so cruel to our soldiers, that the torture of some of our men almost amounted to slaughter! International Whaling Commission at this years meeting at Anchorage and also at the Cities meeting in Holland this year, said, "No more commercial whaling", the votes for anti-whaling out numbered the votes for whaling, which was headed by the Japanese. So the Japs now deceitfully say, "we want to kill for scientific research". Why do the Japanese need almost 1100 whales for research? Ok catch one whale, put a transmitter on it and track the whale for six months, then make sure the transmitter falls off, completely leaving the whales body free of the transmitter. You don't need to kill almost 1100 whales who are just going about their daily life often as a family. Whales are very sensitive and live in close-knit pods, so even one death can be extremely damaging and upsetting to them.

You will find commercially sold whale meat in schools, hospitals, restuarants and sushi bars all over Japan. The Japanese don't want whales for scientific research, that's a complete myth. The Japs only want to slaughter these poor human loving whales to slice them up and eat them.

If the Japanese are selling the whale meat commercially when it's not allowed, surely thats illegal! Isn't it!

Kaiko Maru

The Kaiko Maru a Japanese Harpoon merciless killing ship with some of the cruellest men on board. Blood in the sea, blood on their hands. (photo Greenpeace Sutton Hibbert). 

January 2007. Whaling is a Japanese obession this was quoted from Ayokawa Japan. It was also quoted by Ms Okubo, it's not because the Japanese do not like being told what to do, it's because the Japanese do not like being told what to eat by foreigners". That is the shocking truth. Every year the Japanese Government sends out it's fleet of ships in defiance of the Protection regulations granted to the whales inside the official Southern Ocean Sanctuary and with no emotion. The Japanese harpoon and slaughter well over 1200 whales a year, a staggering number of deaths of endangered species. Some of the ships that go out to the Antarctic like the Nisshin Maru have a huge crew of approximately 147 and carry a massive fuel load (diesel and oil) of over 1.5 million litres plus ammonia and chemicals. Their intentions are very serious! KILL WHALES!

In March 2007 the Japanese slaughter-house ship, the Nisshin Maru caught fire, one of its crew on the factory slaughter ship died. On board the Nisshin Maru they found 500 endangered whales slaughtered and butchered. If it had not been for the fire there would have been at least 960 harpooned and slaughtered whales. 460 whales were lucky and are now happily swimming in the sea, but lets feel very sorry for the 500 whales that suffered an agonising death and did not make it.

Norway sends out its ships and shockingly harpoons and slaughtes an unacceptable government quota of over 1000 whales a year. The Norweigen Government also permits the harpooning and slaughtering of our endangered whales just 200 nautical miles off the United Kingdom coast, equivalent distance from London to Leeds.

Denmark slaughters over 1100 whales a year.

Greenland is also a slaughter of whales and so is the Faroes, Iceland, South Korea, St Lucia, The Grenadines and St Vincent.

When a poor innocent whales body has been invaded by a deadly harpoon, the pain inflicted is so severe that it is unimaginable. The whale lets out a scream  like you have never heard before. The harpoon charge then explodes inside the innocent body of the whale and then cruel lethal type knives shoot out plunging ever deeper into its now tender body. The sea surrounding the helpless whale is then covered in blood. Salt water from the ocean then rushes into the defenceless whales agonizing body, causing it to gasp for air as it struggles to try to stop itself from drowning.
The cruel inhuman whale slaughers then knot and tie a heavy rope just in front of the struggling whales tail flipper. The poor stressed, frightened and shocked whale is then dragged and pulled up the side of the ship where often a further securing hole, is then cut into its tail fin. A rope is then put through this open wound and the whale is left hung upside down at the side of the ship, its vulnerable head banging on the side of the ship and bouncing off the waves as the ship is being driven forward to try and find yet another whale.  

Whale Tail

This is an innocent defenceless, helpless whale, hung upside down and just waiting its turn to be savagely slaughtered.

These poor whales are mostly still alive and just waiting for their fate, which is to be transported to the floating factory slaughter house ship, where the severely injured whale is then hauled up at the back of the mighty ship with huge chains and then dragged onto the deck to be slaughtered.

Long handled sharp knives are then brought out and the whales proud and beautiful tail fin, probably still moving from side to side, is mercilessly and ruthlessly chopped off. When this severe blow happens, you may hear a sad and uncomfortable groan from the defenceless whale.

Whale Tail Chopped Off

Look what they've done! This whale was probably still alive. Just a helpess little soul in a big ocean, captured and slaughtered in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary, by Japanese Government slaughter gangs under the deceit of Scientific Research (photo by Mark Voiter)

The inhuman slaughterers then further plunge their knives into its stomach, causing the whale unimaginable pain (equivalent to a human having an operation with no anaesthetic). The broken hearted whale then gives itself up to an agonising and undignified death. It was the last straw.

Throughtout the whales ordeal, all it could do was lie there covered in blood and riddled with pain defenceless and innocent and looking at the unscrupulous barbaric men, who were slowly hacking it to piecs bit by bit. It was helpless, but still clutching onto life, in its mind it was still hoping and trying to get away - but it was in vain.

Suddenly the final blow, it was the final curtain.
 Whale Cut Up Into Pieces

 An Undignified & Agonising Horrible Death

We are determined to stop the Japanese whaling ships entering the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary ignored by Japan. We feel, that they are illegally stealing whales under the pretence of Scientific Research from the protected sanctuary areas of the Antarctic Southern Ocean. This is an area where whales have been given their freedom. Nobody should be allowed to capture and mercilessly slaughter them. Nobody! They should be free to enjoy their world in peace and tranquility.

Some whales have larger more complex brains than humans.

Japan has been accused of handing out approximately half a billion pounds in aide to small Caribbean and Pacific contries, to gather support in the International Whaling Commission for over turning the 1986 ban on all whaling.


Email of fax the Prime Minister of Japan:

Mr Naoto Kan


Fax: +81-3-3581-3883

Japanese Fisheries Agency

Mr Masahiko Yamada

Email: New email under research 

Fax: +81-3-3502-0794

Japanese Embassy London






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Please email urgently and regularly every single country who is for whaling. Write and tell each country how cruel whaling is and to stop it NOW!

Japan has been accused of handing out over £400 million in aide to smaller nations in the Caribbean and Pacific and recently approximately £500,000 to Loas in South East Asia in order to get their support for over turning the 1986 ban on whaling which was introduced by the International Whaling Commission. Fortunately the Japanese lost at the International Whaling Commission conference in Anchorage.

GreenEcoPeace relies solely on Donations & Donations for merchandise from people like you. Please donate and help us to wipe out this filthy bloody business. Thank you.

Together we can win.