27 November 2009 Whales Dolphins Porpoises Strangled

Fishing nets kill 300,000 whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals world wide. Entanglement in the nets is a huge threat to the survival of many of our sea species.

Bottom trawling is destroying our entire deep sea coral. The shrimp industry is also very destructive as is salmon farming, it takes almost 4 kilo's of wild caught fish to produce 1 kilo of farmed salmon. 

22/11/2009 Our Preditors are Disappearing

A vital indicator of our Eco System and the health of it, are the population of our preditors and they are disapearing fast. Man is killing everything in sight.

90% of our large fish such as cod, tuna etc ... have been critically over fished since the factory ships started in the 1950's. The dragging out of the oceans our top preditors and killing them is causing a serious movement of our oceans eco-system. Soon our valuable fish may be replaced by smaller plankton eating fish and we may even soon see huge amounts of jelly fish replacing fish eaten by humans.

15/11/2009 Our Oceans are Dying

Huge ships with special equipment are raping our sea's of fish.

Larger fish are being fished virtually to extinction by industrial fishing fleets. These giant fishing vessels often illegal, out match natures chances of replacing fish stocks. Ruthless giant floating factories are destroying our fish stocks.

The fish have no chance at all

10/11/09 We are slowly Destroying our Earth

80% of all life on our earth is to be found beneath the waves of our vast oceans. The ocean pulses all around the world drive the natural forces, which amazingly maintain all life on our planet.

The movement and rolling of the Sea's right across the planet creates unbelievably over 50% of our oxygen. The oceans are also a vital source of protein and minerals and other resources.

The oceans dominate our weather systems, natural energy flows and nutrients. The oceans move huge amounts of water, much more than all the rivers. The oceans keep our planet habitable. Without our oceans there would be no life on our earth.

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